These are a few questions we get asked on the regular, if you have any questions that are not on the page, please feel free to contact us!

How Long Does Shipping Take?

The shipping rates that are given to you are the prices for Overnight, Door-to-Door Courier. Orders are packed and fulfilled within 24 hours of receiving the order and then are fulfilled and booked out for the courier company to collect. 
Lead Time on parcels:

  • Pretoria/Jhb - Same Day delivery (if order is placed before 10am on the day)
  • CPT/KZN/Mpumalanga/Mafikeng/Plett etc. - Overnight delivery (if order is placed between 6:00-15:30)

Therefore you will receive your parcel either the same day of placing the order or the next day (1-3 days). This DOES NOT include weekends or public holidays. As we use third-party courier companies, we can only provide delivery based on their Terms and Conditions

The courier company will vary based on where you are situated. However, you will be provided with a tracking number and constantly kept up to date regarding the whereabouts of your order. Please note that the courier companies do not work on weekends or public holidays. If an order is placed on Friday, you will receive your order on Monday. 

* If you need stock urgently - please do not hesitate to email us at sales@dafandm.co.za and we will arrange delivery as soon as possible.


Are The Masks Effective?

Yes, the masks are effective. The polyurethane sponge is professional protection. The material of sponge has good-resistance and high-filtration efficiency filter layers, which can ensure protection and smooth breathing. It is a new type of sponge organic material that can filer any tiny particles in the air.


What is Polyurethane Sponge?

Polyurethane sponge is not the regular sponge. It is made of new organic macromolecule material, it is neither sponge not cotton cloth, it appearance is similar to regular sponge but its resilience, air permeability and comfort are better than regular sponge. 


Does it Hurt your Ears & is it Easy to Breath?

No it does not hurt your ears and it is extremely breathable. The design of the hanging eat and close to the contours of the face allows the mask to not be tight on the ears and allows you to wear your mask comfortably. The mask is 1cm away from the mouth, therefore allowing you to breath easier and smoother.


Does it Fog Up Glasses?

No it does not fog up glasses. There are a number of clients, including ourselves that wear glasses and have not experienced the fogging up of glasses. If your glasses do fog up, reposition the mask - but it is highly unlikely.  


My Mask Tore, What Do I Do?

If your mask tears please contact us at sales@dafandm.co.za and we will assist you further. There are thousands of masks that come in, we try to efficiently quality control all of them but some masks can be defaulted. However, it is advised that you are gentle on the masks as they are made of from a sensitive fabric - there is no need to pull or tug on the mask. 


Do You Have Different Sizes?

The masks only come in two sizes:

  • Adult Sizes - These fit both men & woman, of all face shape and size. The sponge is made with a 3-dimensional mesh which allows the mask to mould to the face that is wearing it.
  • Kiddies Sizes - These fit kiddies between the ages of 3-7. Please note that these masks are quite small and if your child has a fuller face that it is best to go with an adult size mask.


How Do I Go About Ordering In Bulk?

We give discounted prices for masks that are sold in quantities that are 30+. Please contact us at sales@dafandm.co.za and we will assist you with pricing and information. 


Do You Brand Masks? 

Yes, we brand masks with any design that you would like! All our masks can be branded. We choose to embroider the masks as embroidery has the tendency to last longer. There is no minimum or maximum amount of masks needed in order to brand them. The costing of the branding is as follows:

  • R45-R120 for the cost of the mask of your choice.
  • R125 once-off (this is for the embroider to transfer the design onto his software - this amount only needs to be paid once).
  • R20 for every logo that you would like to embroider.


As mentioned above, these are a few questions we get asked on the regular, if you have any questions that are not on the page, please feel free to contact us!